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July 13, 2019 - Arroyo Vino Blind Tasting -- Milagro vs Other World Wines

A blind tasting of Chardonnay, Gruner Veltliner, Syrah and Zinfandel was held. Milagro 2015 "Old Church" Chardonnay was tasted against a California wine, the 2017 Gruner Veltliner against an Austrian wine, the 2013 Syrah against a St Joseph Rhone wine and the 2014 "Old Church" Zinfandel against a California wine to see how New Mexico wine could fare compared to wine from other parts of the World.  Milagro was preferred for Chardonnay, Gruner Veltliner and Syrah and tied for the Zinfandel comparison.

December 2018 - Jefferson Cup Invitational
 Wine Competition

2017  Milagro Gruner Veltliner  "Estate Bottled"
    ---------  Silver
2017  Milagro      Riesling  "Estate Bottled"
  -------------------  Silver
2015  Milagro     Syrah  "Estate Bottled"
  ----------------------  Bronze
2015 Milagro Chardonnay  "Estate Bottled
"  ................... Bronze

July 2018 -  Santa Fe Reporter - Milagro Vineyard's Many Charms by Mary Frances Cheeseman

DECEMBER 2017 - Kim & Bob Kohler

Fast forward to last night here in San Pedro, California. We were having gnocchi with marinara and bread…so modest! We decided to look through our wines and came upon your Old Church Road Select Zinfandel from 2009. It seemed fateful that the cork was in perfect shape, made an unusually nice pop, and the nose, even upon opening was really, really spectacular! We let it rest for about 30 minutes and poured two tentative glasses. WOW! WOW! WOW! We are pretty educated about most things to do with wine, thinking, we knew it all……that probably after eight years in the cellar it would be OK. But, we were not expecting GREAT! We're not planning on adding up all the wine we've drunk in past years but that wine last night was the best either of us had ever had! The nose enveloped the experience and there were all of the Zin elements we expected. What we did not expect is how the wine spoke of the place, the grape, the care and, most likely, the water and the special New Mexican light. Every drop was utterly and magically delicious!!!

MBER 2017 - 2017 Jefferson Cup Invitational
    Milagro wines earned Medals in the recent, invitation
only, wine competition
Gold - 2016 Semillon                      Bronze - 2015 Chardonnay    
Gold - 2016 Gruner Veltliner             Bronze - 2016 Rielsing

Janurary 2017
Dwight Furrow - Edible Arts - 2012  Zinfandel Review
 Nov. 22, 2016
"In our recent wine tasting visit to New Mexico, this was the most impressive winery we found.... a full line up of reds and whites using exclusively estate or estate-controlled grapes all produced in a distinctly old world, elegant style, no small feat in a wine region known for its hot summers."

"I've seldom had a more elegant Zinfandel."

"The well-developed, complex nose is now showing fig, delicately threaded with  earthy dried leaves, baking spices and coffee. Despite the developed nose, in the mouth it's still fresh and vivacious, with a soft, round introduction, ripe without being too jammy, gathering momentum midpalate with a burst of incisive acidity, and finishing tangy and medium length with fine-grained supportive tannins.  Harmonious, in a graceful style with a beautiful, velvet texture."

"The beguiling  juxtaposition of mature nose and youthful, vibrant palate leaves an impression of youthful wisdom found occasionally in wine, seldom in humans..... " 
Score: 92,   Alc: 13.5% 

MBER 2016 - 2016 Jefferson Cup Invitational
   Four Milagro wines were awarded Medals in the recent, invitation only,    wine competition.
Gold - 2015 Semillon                     Silver - 2014 Chardonnay       
Gold - 2015 Dry Riesling               Silver - 2015 Gruner Veltliner 

    "Milagro Vineyards is a True Hidden Gem in Corrales" - click below            gem-in-corrales-nm


MARCH 2016
Galisteo Bistro Newsletter - 227 Galisteo Street, Santa Fe, NM
Greetings from Galisteo Bistro:


I've also added three outstanding wines from Milagro Vineyards of Corrales, New Mexico, estate-grown & estate-produced by viticulturist & viniculturist Rick Hobson in his home vineyards. They are as follows:

Corrales White (sauvignon blanc, riesling, chardonnay)

Merlot Library Selection 2008

Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 (available by-the-glass & bottle)

Rick & Mitzi take great pride in growing their grapes in a sustainable manner, harvesting by hand & releasing wines only after proper aging by natural methods. Seek them out on their Website & make an appointment for a tasting room visit in Corrales. They are great hosts. One aside, their mascot is E. B. White's pig, Wilbur, from 'Charlotte's Web', a beautifully crafted children's story still coming alive for present & future generations. Mitzi once told me that I was the only person she ever met who personally knew the great writer, having performed for him in Blue Hill with our Maine ensemble many times over the years. Were he still among the living, he would be walking his fields, inspecting his stone walls along the boundaries, pruning the fruit trees, frost-seeding his grasses for the coming spring as the the farm stock is gradually turned out for grazing & improving his crops for haying & harvest. It's almost time to spread the mulch for the asparagus shoots & remove the overturned apple baskets protecting the rhubarb plants, pulling the banking hay from the foundations & mucking out the barn. It's spring in Maine & in my imagination...


Milagro Awarded Six Medals at  2015 Jefferson Cup Wine Competition
The Jefferson Cup is an invitation only wine competition held in Kansas City each November for the benefit of Angel Flight. Named after Thomas Jefferson, wineries are screened and selected by Doug Frost, one of only four people in the world to hold the titles of Master of Wine and Master Sommelier and includes wines from most all states. We have been honored to have been invited since the first competition in 1999 and each of the sixteen years since.
We were pleased to have our wines earn the Medals listed below:

2011 Syrah - Medal of American Excellence (Gold) - a current release
2010 Merlot - Medal of American Excellence (Gold) - to be released in 2016
2014 Gruner Veltliner - Medal of American Excellence (Gold) - a new wine to be released 2016
2012 Zinfandel - Medal of American Merit (Silver) - a current release
Rose - NV - Medal of American Merit (Silver) - sold out - released in July 2015
2010 Cabernet Sauvignon - Medal of American Merit (Silver) - to be released in 2016


Milagro on September New Mexico Magazine Cover
- see and read about us in the September issue of New Mexico Magazine.

Mitzi & Rick with Popper & Tex in the vineyard

January 2013
Milagro Vineyards mentioned in Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair has an interview with Ana Gasteyer (daughter of Corrales Mayor Gasteyer) in which she talks about escaping to Corrales and many of the special things here, including Milagro Vineyards.

Read the full article here.

January 2013
Milagro's 2010 Chardonnay awarded Bronze at the 2013 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

The first big wine competition of the year is complete and Milagro's 2010 Chardonnay received Bronze in the event.

View the full results here.

November 2012
Milagro's 2009 Syrah awarded Medal of American Excellence at 2012 Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition

The results are in for this year's Jefferson Cup Invitational and our Syrah received the Medal of American Excellence (equates to a Gold Medal in more typical wine competitions).

The 2012 Jefferson Cup press release can be read here.

Results page is here.

September 2012
Rick Hobson interviewed for a piece in the September 2012 issue of Local Flavor magazine

Rick was interviewed by Sara Van Note for her article, "New Mexico Wine Trails" in the September 2012 issue of Local Flavor magazine.  The current issue can be found online at

May 2012
Milagro's 2009 Chardonnay awarded a SILVER Medal at 2012 Riverside International Wine Competition

Visit the Riverside Competition website here: 2012 Riverside International Wine Competition.

May 2012
Rick & David featured in Albuquerque the Magazine

In the May 2012 issue of Albuquerque the Magazine, Rick and David are featured in the "Best Glass of Wine" article.  Pick up a copy and find out what they think.

March 2012
Milagro Vineyards profiled on New Mexico Wino's Website

New Mexico Wino, a locapour (think locavore but for wine) web publication, has a profile on Milagro Vineyards posted to their website.  Follow the link below to read Shirley Nelson's article.

Pot-belly Pigs, Boston Terriers and (of course) wine

November 2011
Alibi's "Holiday Wine Guide" issue recommends wine from Milagro Vineyards

Our wines are mentioned in two different articles in the Alibi's Nov 24-30,2011 issue in the "Holiday Wine Guide" section.  You can read them both pieces online to find out what local wine experts have to say.

A Pinot A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The Wine List

November 2011
Milagro's 2007 Merlot awarded Medal of American Excellence at 2011 Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition

The results are in for this year's Jefferson Cup Invitational and our Merlot received the Medal of American Excellence (equates to a Gold Medal in more typical wine competitions).

The 2011 Jefferson Cup press release can be read here.

Results page is here.

October 2011
Milagro Vineyards named 2011's "Winery of the Year" at

In the Fall 2011 newsletter at, Jim Hammond named Milagro Vineyards 2011's "Winery of the Year".

You can read the full newsletter here.

July 2011
Milagro's 2009 Chardonnay awarded a Bronze Medal at 2011 Riverside International Wine Competition

Milagro Vineyards awarded a Bronze Medal for our 2009 Chardonnay at the 2011 Riverside International Wine Competition.

For those unfamiliar with the Riverside Competition, here's a bit about them from the website:

"For 30 years, the Riverside International Wine Competition has provided consumers and the wine industry with carefully considered results of a blind tasting by professional wine evaluators. A key benefit of this event is to recognize wines in a wide variety of styles, including wine regions that don’t often get such recognition."

"A total of 48 judges evaluated more than 1930 wines at South Coast Resort in Temecula, California and found some rare treasures from many emerging wine regions, including New York, Virginia, Missouri, New Mexico and even Wisconsin."

July 2011
Milagro wines reviewed by Jim Hammond at

Recently, Jim Hammond, Southwestern Wine Guy, included two of Milagro Vineyards' wines in a wine tasting class he hosted in Santa Fe.  You can see the write up of the event along with tasting notes at

April 2011
Milagro Vineyards featured in Local Flavor Magazine's April 2011 Issue

Mitzi and Rick are interviewed in the latest issue of Local Flavor (Believe in Miracles, by Emily Beenen, pg 31-33).  Emily's article recounts much of the early history at Milagro Vineyards and reveals how David broke the first three rules of being part of a small winery.

Be sure to pick up a copy the next time you pass by a Local Flavor Display stand.

April 2011
New Mexico Wines featured in Spring issue of the Arizona Vines & Wines Magazine

A number of New Mexico wineries are featured in Arizona Vines & Wines Magazine's Spring issue, including Milagro Vineyards.

Read Article

March 10th, 2011
Milagro Vineyards voted  Best Winery in Local iQ 2011 Smart List

The March 10th issue of Local iQ has the results of their annual reader's poll, the Smart List, and Milagro Vineyards was voted Best Winery.

Visit Local iQ's website to see the 2011 Smart List.

Thanks to everyone who voted for us!

March 2011
Milagro's 2007 Merlot earns a Silver Medal at the 2011 Grand Harvest Awards

The results of the 2011 Grand Harvest Awards are in and Milagro Vineyards' 2007 Merlot has been awarded a Silver Medal.

"What are the Grand Harvest Awards", you ask?  To quote from their website:

"The Search For Terroir in the North American Market Begins Here

Truly one of a kind! What sets Grand Harvest Awards apart from the rest? One word...terroir.

Established in 1990, it is the only wine-judging event in North America that is based on terroir - a group of vineyards (or even vines) from the same region, belonging to a specific appellation, and sharing the same type of soil, weather conditions, grapes and wine making savoir-faire, which contribute to give its specific personality to the wine.

In other competitions, this factor is ignored. At the Grand Harvest, judges taste wines with other wines of the same appellation. Thus, with cross-regional competition removed, the inherent quality of wines can be seen without the influences that sometimes eclipse even a wine of very high quality."

View all the medal winning wines here.

January 2011
Corrales, NM Featured in Jan 2011  issue of Sunset Magazine

The January 2011 issue of Sunset Magazine has a travel feature on Corrales, NM and the first venue they suggest visiting here is Milagro Vineyards.  There is also a nice photo of our tasting room and garden with four-legged greeter, Dottie, front and center. See pages 19-20.

Be sure to pick up a copy the next time you are at the bookstore or grocery and see what the Sunset folks had to say about Corrales.

October 18th, 2010
Milagro Wines Score Again at Prairie Star
By the Albuquerque Examiner

Milagro Vineyards in Corrales has been a top producer of premium wines for many years. Rick and Mitzi Hobson have also been big supporters of local restaurants and typically sponsor a number of wine dinners each year. The latest was at Prairie Star on October 7, a highly rated restaurant in Bernalillo. Chef Darren McHale provided the courses to accompany each wine, and did a brilliant job of pairing each dish to the wine. A word of warning, don’t read the following on an empty stomach.   Read Article

May 3rd, 2010
Miracle on West Ella Street
By the Local IQ Magazine

For the past 15 years, Rick and Mitzi Hobson of Corrales' Milagro Winery have been quietly producing the Land of Enchantment’s best wines   Read Article

March 30th, 2010
Wine of the Month - Milagro Vineyards 2007 Chardonnay
By Jim Hammond the Southwestern Wine Guy

This month the wine of the month was also a gold medal winner at the 2010 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition; the largest wine event judging domestic wines. That wine is the Milagro 2007 Chardonnay, crafted by Rick Hobson of Milagro Vineyards in Corrales, New Mexico. I have repeatedly rated Rick's Chardonnay the best in the state, and now it is rated tops in its price category in the U.S.

I also gave high marks to the Milagro 2007 Cabernet Franc in a previous newsletter. Boy, does this guy know how to make good wine. My love affair with Milagro actually goes back many years to a wine dinner at Terra restaurant featuring Milagro wines. Since then I've only been more impressed as Rick hones his skills on making food-friendly, very drinkable wines that reflect the best marriage of art and technology in wine making.

The philosophy that "the best wine is made in the vineyard" is reinforced here, because of Rick's hands-on approach to managing and harvesting the fruit from Corrales and the surrounding area. French oak provides an enticing set of spices and gentle aging of the wine. A full year in the bottle before release also permits adequate time for the wine to come together. No malolactic fermentation (MLF) is performed, which all too often over-manipulates the Chardonnay grape and robs it of its acidic backbone which is essential for complementing food. Instead the grapes are left sur-lie, or on the lees, to add a toastiness and creaminess without compromising the grape's fruit-forward qualities by oak bludgeoning and MLF. It's called respect for the grape and terroir, a common philosophy employed in Burgundy where Montrachet and Meursault Chardonnay-based wines rein. At $20 per bottle, this is a very inexpensive way to get the elegance of a Burgundian wine without the much higher price. If you've been bored with the sameness of many California Chards, you need to sample what's cooking in Corrales these days.

March 6th, 2010
Milagro 2007 Chardonnay Wines Gold Medal in San Francisco
By The Albuquerque Examiner

The largest American wines competition again this year was the San Francisco Chronicle event held in February each year. One of the gold medal winners was the Milagro 2007 Chardonnay crafted by Rick Hobson. Milagro Vineyards is located in Corrales; with vineyards they manage dotting the landscape of the village as well as onsite of the winery and tasting room on West Ella. All the fruit in this wine was from Corrales, NM.   Read Article

Current Winery Newsletter

Greets* to all in 2010!

While trying to hook up a new DVD player during the holiday season, we came across a vintage video from 1986 that showed the first season of planting the Milagro Vineyard on West Ella and Old Church Road. Day one showed Rick along with Dave Browning pounding in the stakes that anchor the trellis system. The video followed the planting season that spring as family and friends showed up on Saturday and Sunday for months to transform an empty field into a vineyard.

West Ella was a dirt road in 1986 and Ernest and Julio (the resident springer spaniels) were seen ducking in and out of the fencing. The kids who helped plant are now grown, but, all are still very much a part of our life. One of the workers was our nephew, David. David will be moving to Corrales in February to work full time with us as we continue to develop the vineyard and make the best wine we can from the grapes we grow. He is currently an engineer with Intel in Austin, but, thinks grape growing and wine making is in his future, so, we are very excited and honored to have him join our efforts. It will allow Rick to share what he has learned and to collaborate with new energy.

It is a long way from the empty field of 1986 to a Gold Medal from the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, which was awarded to our 2007 Chardonnay a couple of weeks ago. Most doubted Chardonnay or any vinifera could be grown in Corrales. Since we picked the name Milagro (miracle in Spanish). we too had our doubts, but, along with targeted instruction from Dean Harrell, (our viticulturist who now lives in Paso Robles, Ca.), we have learned to tailor the pruning, irrigation and nutrition to our vineyard sites, Farming in a sustainable manner is a win/ win proposition and the grapes respond by producing fruit that reflects the terroir, or, variables of the site.

Improving our wine led us to equipment investments in 2009 for use in our vineyards and wine making. We purchased a rotary tiller (Weed Badger) enabling us to thoroughly mix the organic compost and amendments with the soil, increasing the effectiveness and availability of the nutrients to the vines. In the winery, we significantly improved the temperature control of our white wine barrel fermentations, adding a heat exchanger to each barrel, to increase the fruit character of the wine.



The first year ( 1997 ) we picked enough grapes to make a ton, were elated; using a “T” (ton) instead of the “#” (pound) made it seem like we had accomplished quite a goal. In 2009, nearly 32 Tons of grapes came from the vineyards! Mother Nature gave us a perfect spring absent a late frost and a long cool growing season. The harvest was long, August to November, but, quality cannot be rushed. End of harvest was just before Thanksgiving and Rick could be found in the vineyard thanking the vines for their hard work, as he always does: another miracle on record and in the barrel.

Spring is just around the corner and that means the labeling done in the winter is complete and activity moves outside for pre-pruning. The tasting room garden is starting to awake and color is beginning to peek through. The other day a crocus made its appearance. We had a customer tell us to try saffron crocus, so we will. We love to get suggestions of interesting flowers, herbs or veggies to plant.

We hope to see you in the tasting room sampling the work we do at Milagro.

* Official greeting of Anja Bladergroen, of Blades Bistro who is from Holland.




Milagro "2006 Zinfandel", "2007 Chardonnay", and "2006 Merlot" awarded "Certificate of American Merit"!  It is an Honor just to be invited to this "Invitation Only" competition. One of only two NM wineries invited, we are pleased our wines, again, showed so well against wines from the Best Wineries in the U.S.!  Read about the Jefferson Cup Competition at



Doug Frost, Master of Wine and Master Sommelier, in "The Wine Report 2009", again rated Milagro Vineyards wines a Top 10 value!  It is a Global Report, in which we have been listed the last few years, and you can view his section in pages 274-284.

Read the August 23, 2008 review of our wines by Ellen Landis at

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